cambodian dance, george groslier, cambodian dancers, cambodia history, khmer dance, khmer history, royal ballet, ballet royale, buppha devi, asian dance, cambodia, dance ritual, southeast asia, dance drama, ramayana
cambodian dance, george groslier, cambodian dancers, cambodia history, khmer dance, khmer history, royal ballet, ballet royale, buppha devi, asian dance, cambodia, dance ritual, southeast asia, dance drama, ramayana


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Performing Arts

Apsara Arts Association - Apsara Arts Association is a non-governmental organization established in 1998 to see Cambodian arts and culture become more valued and popular in Cambodia as a whole, as well as in the world in general, thus sustaining and developing Cambodian culture. They offer dance and music training in classical and folk styles, and other educational services, at their facility in Phnom Penh.
Khmer Arts Academy - The Khmer Arts Academy is a public benefit organization dedicated to fostering the vitality of Cambodian arts. It is a natural extension of the work of its artistic director, the talented Cambodian dancer and choreographer Sophiline Cheam Shapiro. The academy is based in Southern California.
Cambodian Living Arts - Cambodian Living Arts works to support the revival of traditional Khmer performing arts and to inspire contemporary artistic expression. CLA supports arts education, mentorship, networking opportunities, education, career development, and income generating projects for master performing artists who survived the Khmer Rouge as well as the next generation of student artists.
AMRITA Performing Arts - AMRITA Performing Arts is an international performing arts production company with US Nonprofit status, based in Cambodia. An estimated 90% of Cambodia's performing artists perished at the hands of a brutal regime. Amrita is acting to preserve and renew the country’s ancient cultural heritage. Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'eternity', AMRITA works to promote and sustain the revival and preservation of all forms of traditional Cambodian performing arts.
Angkor Dance Troupe - Angkor Dance Troupe supports the work of Cambodian dancers in the US and Cambodia by preserving, developing and teaching the traditions of Cambodian performance arts. In addition to staging public performances to increase appreciation for Cambodian culture, the Massechusetts-based troupe provides high quality arts training and leadership development for inner-city youth.
Natyarasa - Natyarasa uses Cambodian classical dance as a foundation and means for interdisciplinary artistic expression. Initiated by Prumsodun Ok in March 2008, the project manifests itself in research, publication, performance and curatorial practice that fosters rich, vibrant dialogue and development within the arts. Natrayasa searches for "the avant-garde in antiquity" and functions as ground to rethink, reinterpret and revitalize Cambodian classical dance.
Chamroeun Yin - Philadelphia Folklore Project - Chamroeun Yin was born in the province of Battambang, Cambodia, in 1957. He received his initial training in Khmer folk arts from his father. Today, Mr. Yin explores and communicates Cambodian values through dance, sculpture, costume design, choreography and teaching. His book, In my heart I am a dancer, is also available on PFP's website.
Charya Burt - Charya Burt is a former member of Cambodia's Royal Dance Troupe, and a former dance faculty member of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Now in California, she is dedicated to the preservation and evolution of traditional Cambodian dance through formal instruction and public performances. She currently teaches Cambodian dance in the Santa Rosa community.
Dance, the Spirit of Cambodia - Dance, the Spirit of Cambodia, toured the US in 2001, under the auspices of the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phonm Penh. The 41-member troupe of Cambodian artists presented classical and folk dance and music from Cambodia during a 12-city national tour. Their coast-to-coast trip marked the first time in a decade that the living traditions of Cambodian music and dance had formally toured the US. This historic website still contains a wealth of information and contacts.

Cambodian Dance Photos

Earth in Flower Images - The Earth in Flower Image Gallery features every photo and illustration from Dr. Paul Cravath's definitive study of Cambodian dance. This includes rare engravings and photos from antique books; the work of renowned modern photographers including Jaro Poncar, Vittorio Roveda and John Gollings; and never before seen photos from Dr. Cravath's primary research in Phnom Penh between January and April 1975.
George Groslier - Cambodian Dancers Gallery - For a century, Groslier's 1913 book, Danseuses Cambodgiennes - Anciennes et Modernes, has stood as the first significant historic account of Cambodia’s royal dancers. This complete gallery contains every original Groslier illustration. In 2009, Cambodian Dancers, Ancient and Modern will be released in book form with the first English translation of his pivotal work, an exclusive interview with Nicole Groslier, and additional information.
Anders Jiras Photographer - This talented Swedish photographer now devotes his life to documenting Cambodian performing arts. His website contains the most extraordinary and beautiful collection of modern Cambodian dance photos on the web. His performance galleries include: Sovannahong, Preah Samuth, Bach and Bali, Lakhaon festival, Yike, Anurudh, Shadowplay, Bridge to Langka, and more.
Cambodian Classical Dance - Classical dancer, author and costume designer Chamroeun Yin and his partner Tom Kramer have created one of the oldest, most complete and most lovingly crafted websites available to learn about Cambodian classical dance. Their wonderful resource is filled with fascinating Cambodian dance information. I placed it under Cambodian Dance Photos because the images here are truly unique, but the site offers much much more.
Cambodian Dance Gallery - Andrew Page donates his professional photography services to the Angkor Dance Troupe, a traditional Cambodian dance ensemble in Lowell, Massachusetts. His gallery documents classical and folk dancesthey perform, as well as behind the scenes teaching, rehearsing, and costuming . His gallery also features dancers from the 2001 and 2005 tours of the Cambodian Royal University of Fine Arts and Lowell’s Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association dance troupe.


Devata.Org - is devoted to unlocking the mysteries of the 1,780 sacred Khmer women realistically depicted in stone at Angkor Wat. Despite 140 years of scholarship, virtually nothing is known about the women who dominate the largest religious temple in the world. researchers postulate that Angkor Wat is, in fact, mankind’s greatest tribute to womanhood, motherhood and the feminine divine.
Friends of Khmer Culture (FOKCI) - Friends of Khmer Culture (FOKCI) is a US non-profit foundation that provides vital support to Khmer arts and cultural organizations. FOKCI's broad support for Cambodian heritage includes funding Angkor Wat restoration, creating a catelog for the Cambodian National Museum, creating an electronic inventory for provincial museums, funding special educational projects with Reyum and Heritage Watch, and much more.
Bophana Audio Visual Resource Center - Bophana has adopted several missions: collecting the images and sounds of Cambodian memory and making them available to the public; training Cambodians in audiovisual professions; producing and facilitating foreign film-making; and promoting its own artistic projects. They have an excellent website and they encourage people to contribute their own historic archives to their growing collection.
Reyum - Reyum is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to Cambodian arts and culture. Reyum was founded by Ly Daravuth and Ingrid Muan (1964 - 2005) in December 1998 in order to provide a forum for research, preservation, and promotion of traditional and contemporary Cambodian arts and culture. In addition to supporting research and the arts, Reyum publishes the most beautiful books available in Cambodia in Khmer and other languages.
Heritage Watch - Heritage Watch is a pro-active non-profit organization working to preserve Cambodia's archaeological heritage. Cambodia's cultural treasures attract visitors, create jobs and increase Cambodia's global reputation as cultural destination. Looting and destruction of ancient sites destroys these opportunities. Heritage Watch works to preserve Cambodian heritage by education, supporting heritage friendly tourism, and enforcement of laws protecting archaeological sites.
Biblioteque Nationale du Cambodge - Established in 1924 by the French Protectorate of Indochina, the National Library houses more than 50,000 volumes primarily in Khmer, French and English. It also includes rare collections of historic documents and photos relating to Cambodia. The French language website has a catalog of 3,400 books and 3,200 images with links to Khmer music, video histories and other research tools.
Khmer Art Gallery - Khmer Art Gallery in Philadelphia features an extensive collection of artwork embodying the history and artistic values of ancient Cambodia’s Millennium of Glory. Each piece is handmade by Cambodian craftsmen and women. The items are heritage-friendly recreations of ancient works made in sandstone, silk textile, marble and wood The gallery also supports community activities to increase awareness of Cambodian culture and provide opportunities for Cambodian people.
Jaroslav Poncar - Dr. Poncar began working in Cambodia in January 1993. His galleries feature his work there over a ten year period, including photos of his 1995 technological coupe: the documentation of the bas-reliefs in Angkor Vat and The Bayon using a rail-mounted slit-scan camera. The site also features images from Dr. Poncar's work in India, Burma and the Himalayas.
ArtServe - Artserve is an extraordinary photo archive featuring architectural images from around the world. French newspaper Le Monde cited Professor Greenhalgh’s “Artserve” web site as one of the 15 best art Internet sites in the world, grouping it with the Louvre, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Beaubourg, Guggenheim, the Metropolitan and the Hermitage. Prof Greenhalgh is Professor Emeritus of Art History at the Australian National University.
Loung Ung - Author and Activist - Loung Ung is an author, lecturer and Cambodian Genocide activist. In her words "This site is dedicated to the Khmer people for theirs are not only the voices of war, but testimonies of love, family, beauty, humor, strength, and courage. For all the above reasons and more, Cambodia will always be in my heart and soul." Loung site also features her blog on current events, information on Cambodia, photos, and information on other pro-active groups working to promote Cambodia's future.
Khmer Renaissance - Khmer Renaissance is a tremendous resource for Cambodians written entirely in the Khmer language. Created by Friends of Khmer Culture and Professor Ang Choulean from the University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh this site offers valuable cultural information in Cambodia's native language.
AEFEK - Association d'Echanges et de Formation pour les Etudes Khmeres - AEFEK's extraordinary French language site offers hundreds of historical resources, including downloadable papers, articles, lectures and antique books relating to Cambodian history. The group is headed by Nasir ABDOUL-CARIME.


American Assistance for Cambodia - AAfC was founded in 1993 by American journalist Bernie Krisher to operate interlinked programs across Cambodia in the areas of education, health, rural development, and technology. AAfC's largest project, the Rural Schools Project, has helped build over 400 enriched primary and lower secondary schools in rural Cambodia since 1999. AAfC gives people worldwide an opportunity to participate in Cambodia's revival. Their efficient programs give donors hands-on participation and maximize the effect of donor contributions.
Center for Khmer Studies - The Center for Khmer Studies’ (CKS) mission is to promote research, teaching and public service in the social sciences, arts and humanities as they relate to Cambodia. CKS has founded the largest library outside of Phnom Penh with more than 5,000 volumes. They offer research fellowships, research and training programs, publishing programs and sponsor educational conferences. CKS is a US recognized non-profit foundation that offers many excellent opportunities for donor participation.
Girls be Ambitious - Girls be Ambitious is a program to prevent the trafficking of Cambodian girls and women for sexual and labor exploitation. Donations to this non-profit initiative create incentive programs for girls from poverty-stricken homes to stay in school and receive additional vocational training. This provides employment alternatives, income generation and social and political empowerment. The annual cost to sponsor a girl in school for a year is as little as $120 and donations are tax deductible. - Beth Kanter is a trainer, coach, and consultant to nonprofits in the area of effective technology use. She is experienced in training, curriculum development, research, and evaluation. On her Cambodia4Kids blog she created a short video about Cambodian dance hand gestures with the help of master Khmer dance teacher Somaly Hay. Her blog has many other helpful links and resources.

News Sources

Andy Brouwer - Site creator Andy Brouwer began touring Cambodia in November 1994 and now lives and works in Phnom Pehn. His ever-expanding website is a wealth of information with thousands of news articles, personal accounts, photos, contacts and links. Andy's site is a terrific resource for everyone from first time visitors to full time residents who want to be in the know. Andy conscientiously updates his site with the latest information. If it's news about Cambodia, chances are that you will see it here first!
Tales of Asia - Cambodia - Gordon Sharpless began his Tales of Asia website as a hobby in 2000. Over the years he has crafted it into an indispensible online resource for travelers to and residents of 12 Asian countries. His Cambodia section contains the latest information about life in the country and countless practical tips on what to do, what to see and how to get around. Sharpless and his family maintain The Two Dragons Guesthouse in Siem Reap providing an excellent base for Cambodian adventure.
e*Khmer - eKhmer is a fast loading site with news feeds relating to Cambodia in Khmer, English, Japanese and French.

cambodian dance, george groslier, cambodian dancers, cambodia history, khmer dance, khmer history, royal ballet, ballet royale, buppha devi, asian dance, cambodia, dance ritual, southeast asia, dance drama, ramayana
cambodian dance, george groslier, cambodian dancers, cambodia history, khmer dance, khmer history, royal ballet, ballet royale, buppha devi, asian dance, cambodia, dance ritual, southeast asia, dance drama, ramayana
cambodian dance, george groslier, cambodian dancers, cambodia history, khmer dance, khmer history, royal ballet, ballet royale, buppha devi, asian dance, cambodia, dance ritual, southeast asia, dance drama, ramayana